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Address:15 baisha village of five chong hing road,Humen town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China


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Our company independent innovation, set weaving, dyeing and finishing stereotypes, composite glue, deep processing production, product sales in a body, chain, industry chain structure.

I glue factory glue without thickness limitation, the uniform after gluing technique of rubber materials, has a good handle and excellent permeability, not easy corrugate, after the joint and can make the zou leather by gluing stereotypes cloth crisp up show plump smooth, make the shoes perfect improvement.

The company's products the annual output of more than three thousand tons, the main products include: material, toys: hot melt better forming fabrics, single and double weave, N meijia (all around), T meijia (all around), good light cloth, mercerized, lycra fabric, Aaron cloth, VISA, terry, speakers, BD cloth, slide cloth, mesh cloth, bobby cloth, glasses cloth, D plain cloth, garment cloth, sandwiches, single-layer network, special mold underwear cloth, finalize the design on the cloth, hot sol many kinds of environmental protection on the flat glue, glue, adhesive, Hong Kong treasure hot-melt adhesive at low temperature. Fashion: single-sided, double-sided, rib bobby cloth, thick needle, computer jacquard cloth, special cloth, color printing /; Spray adhesive cotton, knit, cotton, fire cotton, figurines. Diving cloth, SBR, CR, imitation diving material, EVA, high foam, Neoprence slow rebound, laminating sponge, etc.

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