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The difference between hot melt adhesive film and hot melt omentum and water glue
From: Dongguan Runze Textiles Co.,Ltd Post date: 2020-08-20

The difference between hot melt adhesive film and hot melt omentum and water glue

The world of adhesives can be described as rich and colorful. Various types of adhesives really give people a dazzling feeling, not to mention the differences between these adhesives, even if the industry personnel may not be able to explain all of them. Today, Runze Textile will talk to everyone about the difference between hot melt adhesive film, hot melt omentum and water glue!

Some people may have a question mark after hearing the names of these three adhesives. After all, in the field of claim for most of us, the adhesives are mainly all kinds of universal glue, transparent glue, self-adhesive, glass glue and the like. Hot melt glue and water glue are beyond everyone's cognition.

The so-called water glue is a water-based coating glue, which is made by emulsifying acrylic or polyurethane resin through a special emulsification equipment with water as a solvent. Its main advantages are: rich varieties, relatively low prices, and better environmental performance. Nowadays, many coatings are made of water-soluble glue, such as general water-soluble PA, water-soluble PU, as well as functional slurries such as film glue, oily waxy feeling, and scraping paste. However, the shortcomings of this type of adhesive are also obvious, that is, poor film formation, poor washing firmness, and PU cannot be pasted with hot air glue.

Hot-melt adhesive film and hot-melt mesh film belong to the same type of adhesive, and they are both under the hot melt adhesive category. The two are basically the same in terms of function and usage. For details about the difference between hot-melt adhesive film and hot-melt omentum, please refer to the article "Six dimensions of detailed explanation of the difference between hot-melt adhesive film and hot-melt omentum". Here we briefly talk about the difference between hot melt glue and water glue.

Compared with hot melt glue and water glue, their differences are actually very many. To put it simply, there are big differences in various aspects such as raw materials, production and processing technology, environmental protection characteristics, adhesive characteristics, application scenarios and usage methods, applicable industries and materials, and even procurement costs. As a plastic adhesive, the physical state of hot melt adhesive changes with temperature within a certain temperature range, but its chemical properties remain unchanged. Its environmental protection performance is better than water glue!

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