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Seamless laminating hot melt adhesive film in composite industry
From: Dongguan Runze Textiles Co.,Ltd Post date: 2020-05-12

Seamless laminating hot melt adhesive film in composite industry

Seamless bonding is a bonding technology in the composite industry, and hot-melt adhesive film is a thermal adhesive used in the composite industry. Seamlessly bonding hot melt adhesive film is actually an adhesive that needs to be used to achieve seamless bonding.

The point of seamlessly bonding hot melt adhesive film is not the seamless bonding technology, but the hot melt adhesive film used. The application of seamless bonding technology is mainly concentrated in the apparel industry and the shoemaking industry. For example, women's seamless underwear and seamless uppers will use seamless bonding technology. To complete such a seamless lamination process, it needs the support of lamination technology, equipment, process, adhesive materials and other aspects. Laminating technology, equipment and other composite industries are basically mature and supporting, and the selection of adhesive materials is a certain difficulty.

Taking hot-melt adhesive film as an example, it can be divided into two types: hot-melt adhesive film and hot-melt omentum film, each type can be divided into TPU hot-melt adhesive film, TPU hot-melt adhesive film, PA hot-melt adhesive according to the material Film, PA hot-melt omentum, etc. Hot-melt adhesive films or hot-melt reticulated films made of different materials have different characteristics, such as dry cleaning resistance, yellowing resistance, and soft penetration. Different materials of hot-melt adhesive film or hot-melt omentum film can be divided into specifications of 15g, 20g, 23g, 30g according to the weight. In addition to being divided according to gram weight, it can also be divided according to the width and length of the door width. It can be said that every change in the latitude attribute will cause some changes in the corresponding product characteristics, and such changes will directly affect the effect when applied to product compounding.

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