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New cheats for the footwear industry, environmentally friendly "adhesives"-hot-melt adhesive film
From: Dongguan Runze Textiles Co.,Ltd Post date: 2020-03-13

Moist textile, hot melt adhesive film, also known as hot stamping film, hot melt film, the main function is to achieve permanent bonding between the same or different materials, using a hot melt adhesive film laminating machine (heated by heating rollers).

Product types, different hot-melt adhesive films, can meet the bonding between leather, textile, clothing, sponge, paper, metal, PVC and other materials.

Hot Melt Adhesive Tape Series

PVC waterproof zipper film series

Waterproof strip series-transparent

Seamless underwear hot melt adhesive film series

TPU adopts advanced coating technology. The product has strong adhesion fastness, washing resistance and high elasticity, which is an environmentally friendly product. The product has a wide range of hardness, a wide range of bonding, suitable for various temperature resistance requirements, durable elasticity, and can keep clothes from deforming for a long time. Products with good feel, wide range of resilience, good bonding effect and strong anti-yellowing properties.

PA hot-melt adhesive film is formed by high-precision coating technology. It is the first choice for high-end clothing. It is targeted at the strong compound bonding of nylon, polyester, and cotton, and has good washing effect. It is positioned as high-end adhesive for the embroidery industry.

PES hot-melt adhesive film is very stable and meets European and American standards. It is resistant to washing, affordable, good washing effect, high bonding fastness, and wide application fields. Aluminum, paper, etc. all have good bonding effects.

PO hot melt adhesive film is cost-effective, wide bonding range, imported raw materials, coated with high-precision die, it is more practical, affordable, high transparency, high bonding strength.

EVA series hot-melt adhesive film products have low bonding temperature. The new products are used for paper decals and cloth decals afterwards. Ordinary hair dryers can be used with good low temperature resistance.

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