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See it! New attitude of environmental protection hot melt adhesive film
From: Dongguan Runze Textiles Co.,Ltd Post date: 2020-01-04

What is hot melt adhesive film?

Hot-melt adhesive film is an adhesive that can be used for continuous operation by melting and heating. It is mainly suitable for the compounding and bonding of related materials and products. It is directly melt-processed from polymers without any solvent volatile substances, so it is an environmentally friendly adhesive material.

Shoemaking is one of the important application fields of hot-melt adhesive film products. Whether it is leather shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes, sandals, etc., hot-melt adhesive films are required as adhesives. What is certain is that the application depth and breadth of hot melt adhesive film in the shoe material industry is unmatched by many other industries or products.

Leather shoe uppers are generally divided into two types: one is leather (with pigskin as an example) compound; the other is ordinary pu leather compound.

(1) If it is a compound of leather upper, it is recommended to use PA hot-melt adhesive mesh as the compound adhesive because the breathability of the leather must be considered.

(2) If it is ordinary pu leather, tpu hot melt adhesive film is generally used. Of course, if you have corresponding requirements for the breathability of the upper, you can also use hot-melt adhesive mesh.

(3) In the selection of hot melt adhesives for leather shoe uppers, specific selection should be made according to the requirements of the composite process. The principles to be followed are generally: those with high air permeability requirements, choose hot melt adhesive mesh films; Yes, choose hot melt adhesive film.

Composite application of sports shoe upper

Sneaker-free uppers for sports shoes are relatively early applied to hot-melt adhesive film. In the manufacture of seamless uppers, hot-melt adhesive films are used for high frequency between upper leather and mesh The machine is hot-pressed and bonded, which is very convenient and fast. Not only the adhesive fastness is reliable, it is resistant to washing, it also has the advantages of mildew resistance, breathability, environmental protection, non-toxic and so on.

Upper composite

Hot-melt adhesive film has begun to be applied to the compounding of large-area upper materials. It is suitable for various materials such as fabrics, leather materials, PU leather, etc. This new type of environmentally-friendly adhesive with reliable adhesion has obvious advantages over traditional glue bonding. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, anti-mildew and breathable, while showing its value, it also exerts more advantages.

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