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Shoe material setting cloth, good effect of multi application
From: Dongguan Runze Textiles Co.,Ltd Post date: 2019-12-13

What is the setting cloth? The use of the setting cloth? The setting cloth is mainly divided into hot pressing type and cold sticking type. After being glued, the hot pressed set cloth has the characteristics of air permeability, hot pressing, adhesive set, waterproof, etc., and the adhesion can shorten working hours rapidly.

1. Application field
Fully meet the requirements of European and American environmental protection

It is mainly used to reinforce the front cover, back cover, waistline, neckline and laces of all kinds of leather shoes. It is non-toxic, tasteless and non irritant pollution. It is the best environmental protection commodity and fully meets the requirements of European and American environmental protection.

The special sizing and setting cloth has the characteristics of oil resistance, solvent resistance and high temperature resistance. It is suitable for all kinds of leather (oil skin, crazy horse skin, etc.) with heavy oil, such as leisure shoes and mountaineering shoes, and sports shoes with high temperature demand. Each technology makes the data glue layer even after gluing, with outstanding hand feeling and full and flat, making the shoe shape more perfect.

2. Product advantages
No wrinkle on the curved part of vamp

Moistening set cloth series does not wrinkle or loosen the curved part of vamp after setting. No permeability, good permeability, consistent thickness, strong adhesion. Have plasticity, strengthen type, avoid the surface to absorb glue to harden. The leather used in the shoemaking process has different thickness, different parts of the leather have different stretching length, pores, flexibility, and these conditions need to be changed; therefore, it is necessary to use the setting cloth to reinforce and shape the shoe bag.

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